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$5 Dollar Logo!

Need a logo fast, cheap and good?

I’d love to design a logo that will make your company stand out! 😉

Today I am offering a fully custom designed logo for only $5!

Just think in as little as 2 short hours you can have a fresh new logo for your business for only 5 bucks

Click the Buy now button below, then send me the “Business Name” and the Industry and I will create a one off, custom designed logo for a rate that is too good to be true. Don’t worry this is not a “you get what you pay for” offer, I promise to deliver a fully developed, custom designed, vector file developed in Adobe Illustrator that is ready for Online, offline and all points in between. The only catch is, there is no room for art direction nor rounds of revisions. What I create is what you get. Give it a shot what do you have to loose? Aside from $5 bucks!.

Step 1: Make PayPal Payment
Step 2: Email me your info (


So Simple, No Paypal App Download required


DAM Good Logo

A variety of options for a Commercial Real Estate Company. The color palette was chosen to reflect a corporate modern vibe. The lines representing the windows for the building Icons are sleek and re memorable the variety of building shapes and sizes represent diversity! The reflection one is great but the repeating shape really makes this logo stand out! I hope you dig these as much as I do. If you would like to see what I could do for you for only $5 click the Buy now!


4 Versions, 2hr Turnaround = $5 dollars!

 I really like the handwritten font, the color palette is spot on for a landscaping business. The “simple” versions outside the shapes are suggested to use for invoices, or other official paperwork.


Thanks for the design – it’s great!  😉
I really like the idea of the $5 promo.  Really, what’s there to lose!  – Kristen


Logo Magic

Hope you dig these as much as I do!, The ribbon one was my fav, in the sketch phase but, the Knocked out version is pretty cool.