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Did you know Graphic Design isn’t a DIY task?

Graphic Design is the first interaction a company has with it’s audience. Save yourself the embarrassment rather than the money by hiring a pro rather than trying to tackle the work on your own.

A good designer can bring your vision to life, even if you haven’t realized what that vision is. Many times a client has only shared a few thoughts with me then when I presented the first round of work they reacted with amazement, yes that’s it! Hence the power to bring your vision to life!

Graphic design projects can range from $100 to $1200 depending on the scope of the project, in many cases the first round of designs can yield a handful of directions and variations sometimes leading us in a variety of directions, as we explore these directions time to do the work expands needing more room in the budget in some cases a project can be nailed in the first round, with only non-charged revisions needed to wrap up the design. 

A designer is here to help, and if the project evolves then the cost will evolve. If the project hits the mark on the first round then then you keep the savings to your budget. Or transfer it to even more graphic design projects.

If the range of $100 to $1,200 is too far of a range, be quick to share your amount, there are ways to find a solution to suit the budget.

Individuals looking to beta test or launch a pet project, businesses that are looking to clean up an existing look, and or  nonprofits looking to increase confidence in their supporters can all learn why Design is… A Good Idea!

Customers frequently request brochures, business cards, signs, posters, and or custom artwork to go along with their logo design and branding projects. 

 The project scope can be for a one-time job or for ongoing graphic design work.


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