Website design that is more beauty than beast

Website design that is more beauty than beast

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February 24th, 2010

Website design that is more beauty than beast

by Noel Wiggins


Many people think they need to “be online,” and ask, “how hard can it be to create a website design, since there are thousands of successful businesses online?” Just because the Internet is filled with thousands if not millions of successful online businesses, simply being online does not in itself guarantee success for you.

Taming the beast calls for a professional website designer that can help design websites that will be easy to maintain and will effectively connect with your customers over time. The process of creating that website design can be filled with mysterious variables.

The two sides of website design are 1) the design process, and 2) the post launch process. Plenty of good website designs have failed because of poor post launch analysis. Much post launch analytical quagmires could have been avoided by effective website design.

In the professional website designer’s website design process, you hope to forecast how the site will engage your visitors and how you can lead them through the desired path. There are a ton of factors that go into what purpose your website will have and what you decide to add to your website to fulfill that purpose. Top Fortune 500 branding strategists have tried to tame the beast of website design through comprehensive studies and style guides to help design websites that can lead to success. Even they find that after a few years and dozens of redesigns they are still in need of help.

Once you have a design, reality speaks. How does your audience interact with your website? Are they going the path you hoped they would? Chances are they are not, so at that point you use your post launch analytics to begin to add new sections, and tweak the design a bit by adding and removing “this and that.” Businesses often hire outside groups to help then reverse themselves and have someone internally take a stab at it to only find a year or more later that the business’s website is a directionless mess.

As a professional website designer with over 10 years of experience the most common problem a company has in developing a website, is figuring out what will go into the website. The design is the easy part, but the “there there” is the real challenge.

So when I hear how a company has created a mess with their website, I say, ‘ great the hard part is over! Now we can take a step back and reorganize the content to design a clearer path for the visitor.

Noel Wiggins, Owner

No Pun Intended

At this point, says Wiggins, the business should take a step back, look at all the moving parts to the website, and aim to design a site that is flexible enough to accommodate all of these parts, while keeping a consistent look and feel and directing the visitor through the desired path. Once this new design has been worked through, the business should launch the site, and go through the process all over again.

This process is how you can tame the beast of this ever changing medium we call the internet and create a “beauty” of a site.

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