About Me

Noel Wiggins
Fine Artist\Graphic Designer “Extraordinaire”

Lived in Manhattan for about 11 years, now reside in the Pocono mountains, I love the boonies as much as I loved the city, in the city there was constant noise in the country there is constant silence. In addition to defining and developing myself as an artist I have un healthy addiction to SIM racing, (iracing.com), and have taught ballroom dancing for many years, and still try and kick the boards several times a month. I have two teenage kids and 5 fish that I adore.

I am Noel Wiggins for the past 20 years I have been designing for others making their vision come to life, now I want to focus on creating my vision through fine art. Art is one of the important things to me, I have a goal of putting wet paint on a canvas everyday, and seem to constantly be thinking of how to evolve my technique.

My challenges in art are becoming less and less with each new painting I do, nothing excites me more than uncovering new processes and techniques that inspire my work to go in new directions, I believe there is a lot of new techniques hidden within the old masters and look forward to the day with great anticipation on when I have adapted their techniques as one of my own. I try and work in about 8 layers into my works but fantasize about doing dozens.

I think I am on the cusp of something truly great, a modern spin on traditional art making that will be something new and exciting to art, thank you for reading and checking out my work.